Closed April 20-21

Our home team RAW Dawgs will be participating in Monte Cassino at Paintballtogo April 20-21 2024. Monte Cassino is a WW2 scenario based on the invasion of Italy. If you would like to join us email for more information. The field will be shut down during this time. See you April 27 for our regular hours.

New Items for 2022

Price Increase:
Certain items from our dealers have increased MAP pricing which is out of our control. Rec Paint will no longer be offered. We want our customers to receive an excellent experience and cheaper paint blends are not living up to our expectations. Premium Paint is going up to $70 a case and will stay at $20/bag. Rental packages are going up $5. Pods will only be included with gun upgrade packages.

.50 cal Low Impact (Ages 7+)
We are now offering low impact paintball for groups of 10 on private reservation. Our plan is to increase to 20 units this year.

Gelly Ball (Ages 6+)
We are looking are other shooting sports alternatives for younger players. Gelly Blasters have almost zero impact force so they are a good introductory to low impact and regular paintball. There will be a dedicated Gelly Ball course with rentals coming this summer.

Open Play Every Saturday

We have decided to have open play every Saturday instead of both days twice a month. Private groups will still be available Sun-Fri by reservation. There will be some Saturdays throughout the year were we will close down to travel to other fields. Any players interested in traveling to other fields come talk to us.

Private Groups up to 40 players!!

We now have over 40 Planet Eclipse EMEK rental markers with PAL loaders. On 4 units we installed CQB EMC kits. This means we can service private groups of up to 40 players. This is great for team building, bachelor parties and other group events. These markers are also available during Open Play. Come check one out!

2019 Event Schedule

After October Open Play Days will be the second weekend of the month.

Open play dates – Sept 29, Oct 13, Oct 26-27, Nov 9-10, Dec 14-15

September 28-29 we will have a booth at Southern Illinois Hunting and Fishing Days with information about upcoming events and special discounts.

Haunted UV Paintball Lightshow October 11th & 12th from 6pm to 11pm.

Getting it done.

The City of Marion wants blueprints for the building permit. We’re working hard to get this project off the ground. Stay tuned.