We offer private groups, rental equipment, sales, and open play days.

Three unique fields.
Biohazard – Make first contact with a UFO crash site. Capture the site and eliminate the opposing team.

Toxic – A nearby UFO crash has polluted the land with radiation. Can you survive the harsh environment?

Pipes – Who doesn’t like hyperball? Our goal is to continue to expand the hyperpipe field until we can run 10 man.

Join us on Saturday for open play. No minimums, no deposits, no time limits. 10am-7pm


Regular Hours: March – November
Open Play:
Saturday  10am-7pm
Sun-Fri by reservation. Call for sales.

Winter Hours: December- February
Open Play:
Saturday  10am-5pm
Sun-Fri by reservation. Call for sales.

To Reserve a Private Group call (618)922-3869
Private Field with Referee for 3 hours.
Must reserve in advance.
Call for availability.

Reserve the Entire Field:
Corporate Events
Team Building
Youth Groups
Summer Camps


Open Play –
$15 All Day Entry (Free High Pressure Air Fills)
$10 – Basic Rental (Paintball Marker and Thermal Mask)
$5 – Dye Rotor Rental
$5 – Thermal Mask Rental
$5 – Pod Pack/Chest Protector Rental
$5 – 3000 psi 48ci Air Tank Rental
$10 – 4500 psi Air Tank Rental

**$35 Combo – Save $10**
**Entry, Basic Rental, Chest Protector and 500 Paintballs**

Paintballs –

Rec Paint:
$7/(100 + 100 Round Pod) *Keep the Pod*
$15/Bag (500)
$55/Case (2000)

Valken Graffiti:
$20/Bag (500)
$65/Case (2000)

Paint Prices Include Tax

Private Groups- Reservation Only. Any day of the week with advance notice.
3 Hours – $35 per person with a $50 deposit
Includes Basic Rental, Chest Protector and 500 Paintballs Each.
Private Referee and Field. No Mixing of Players.
Great for Team Building and Corporate Events
Less than 8 person minimum price increases to $40 per person.

Request for refunds must be made 7 days in advance.
Requests to reschedule must be made 48 hours in advance.

Marker/Regulator Repair

$10 Regulator Rebuild
$10 Tech minimum
$30/hour + parts.


Open Play Every Saturday

We have decided to have open play every Saturday instead of both days twice a month. Private groups will still be available Sun-Fri by reservation. There will be some Saturdays throughout the year were we will close down to travel to other fields. Any players interested in traveling to other fields come talk to us.